Streamfully For Publishers

Custom Implementation

The Streamfully platform uses an industry-standard web services architecture and API, making it very easy to tailor the implementation to the needs of a specific site or publisher.

There are many immediate advantages to a custom implementation:

  • complete control over which page links respond to roll-over and which do not
  • complete control over where related links is drawn from, whether the same site, related sites, or the web
  • total accuracy of content indexing
  • immediate response of the pop-up, because site content is pre-indexed and pre-cached
  • improved quality of results, because content can be normalized across a site, resulting in better ranking.

Deploying Streamfully is very flexible and may involve:

  • a one-line embeddable script added to the site's pages that calls GCI's servers for a SaaS deployment
  • calls to Streamfully's services hosted on Amazon's EC2, in support of the publisher's front-end implemetation
  • integration of GCI's front-end CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript code.

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Embeddable Script

We care currently offering Streamfully on a free trial basis to site owners who wish to explore the benefits to its users, site performance, and business model.

To embed Streamfully into your own site, copy the following code sample and paste it, unmodified, immediately before the closing </body> tag of your page(s).

For best results in quality of snippets and personalization, please ensure that your page markup is semantically correct and valid. You may also wish to add Open Graph or Twitter Player Card meta tags to improve Streamfully's ability to display your images.

Please be sure to read our Terms of Service, as you are agreeing to them when including this code on your site.